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Naive Jack Russell Reacts When His Fur Dad Pulls A Prank On Him

Dog owners are aware of how much their pets enjoy eating. No matter the food, dogs would devour it as if it were the world’s greatest thing.

However, one canine complained when its fur dad just gave him a few pieces of dog food. That is why he decided to find a way to convince his fur mom to give him more.

In this funny video clip, a hand scooped some dog food out of a clear container. It was probably time for the dog’s meal.

This fur parent, however, gave his pet only a few pieces of the wonderful dog food, which was unusual. The fur dad didn’t seem to mind that he only scooped out some dog food. This is what he served his pet.

The fur parent then walked toward his dog to serve it. As soon as Stevi, a Jack Russell, saw his fur dad delivering his lunch, he started to jump in place.

Stevi’s intense hunger was evident. But Jack Russell had no idea that his fur father was playing a practical joke on him.

Stevi retreated slowly to allow his fur father to serve him his long-awaited meal. However, once the meal was finished, the ravenous Jack Russel still did not understand why his fur dad wasn’t giving him more.

Stevi even double-checked to see if more dog food was in his container. When he found out that there was nothing more, he showed us the world’s saddest expression. Poor Stevi! And you’re cruel to do this, fur dad!

Do you want to watch Stevi’s amusing expression as he requested more dog food? You’d feel so sorry for him that you wish you could give him more!

Source: Rumble Viral

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