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Missing Dog Spends 28 Days Alone In The Woods After He Got Scared And Run Away From His Owner

Sierra Eberly is a Seattle resident who loves the great outdoors. If she had free time, she would usually go camping with her dog, Snow Beau.

The adorable 11-month-old white pooch shares the same passion as his owner. Whenever they are in nature, he loves to run around and explore.

With all their adventures together, Sierra is confident that her pet will always come back to her side after doing a bit of exploration on his own. But during one of their trips, Snow got scared and ran off alone. He didn’t come back.


The incident happened when Sierra and Snow went to Mount Washington near Seattle for the weekend. While walking the trail to the top, the dog owner had to remove her pet’s leash so they could both climb a section with steep rocks. They had this numerous times already.

The eager dog got ahead of his mom and reached the peak first. But, as the pup awaited his owner’s arrival, a group of rowdy mountain bikers passed and frightened Snow. The pup took off running. Sierra tried to follow, but her canine companion was too fast.

Looking for Snow

After spending the night looking for her dog and hoping that he would come back, Sierra went home and asked people for help to look for her beloved pet. She gave out flyers and also sought assistance online.

For the next 28 days, the worried dog owner returned to the mountain 14 times. She also placed trail cameras near where the pup was last seen. Barely a month after the dog went missing, the cameras got photos of the dog passing by.

After spending the night on the mountain top, Sierra was delighted and asked a friend to join her to camp in the area once again. The dog owner received a message. Someone found Snow.

After 28 days, the dog was back in her arms again. Snow lost several pounds, but otherwise, he was okay. Sierra was amazed that her dog survived on his own.


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