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Houston Motorists Work Together To Stop Traffic And Keep Runaway Dog Safe

After a day in the city, a Houston resident named Toby Tinelli was on his way home with his family when they spotted a dog running across the busy highway. The pup was trying to evade the cars zipping by, and it seemed he had gotten loose from his owners. He was dragging a leash behind him as he played a dangerous game of tag with the speeding vehicles.

Toby knew that he had to help the dog before he got hurt. So he stopped his car and turned his emergency lights on. Other drivers started slowing down as well. And soon, the traffic stopped altogether. The dog was safe for the moment.

Scared dog

Tody tried to call the dog to get him to come over. The frightened pup seemed to understand and walked over to him. But something startled the canine, and he then went in another direction. By this time, the other motorists were out of the vehicle and trying to help catch the dog.

Still scared, the pup tried to evade every human that went near him. Toby called out to the other people, asking them to form a circle around the animal and slowly close in on him. With coordination, they finally got a hold of the pup’s leash. They led the shivering pup to the side of the road where he could be safe.


The dog’s owners arrived soon after. As it turned out, they got into an accident further down the street, and their pet ran away. He was too fast, and they couldn’t catch up with him. They were so thankful that the drivers were kind enough to stop their vehicles to avoid hitting the loose dog.

When the pup calmed down, his owners took him to a vet. Thankfully, all he suffered were some minor cuts on his paws.


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