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Miraculous Meowing: a Cat Saves Her Owner Who Had Fallen Off a Ravine

The eighty-three-year-old woman fell down a steep ravine in the corner of a cornfield near her home and it could have been a tragedy had her cat not been there.

A cat was the hero of the day in England. The cat helped her owner, a woman of eighty-three years of age, be rescued from what could have been a tragedy.

The woman had fallen down a ravine in Cornwall where she could not have been found without the restless cry of the cat that led the neighbors to call for help.

The hero of the story is a black cat called Piran that according to the neighbors was key to the rescue as the meowing was frantic and so miraculous that took rescue exactly where the owner was. Tamar Longmuir, a neighbor who was helping there, spoke to the local media about the story.

The neighbor said if the cat hadnt been there all along, it would have taken longer for anyone to get there. Ironically, a black cat is culturally a symbol of bad luck.

It was the contrary! The woman was safe and sound after falling down into a 70 feet deep ravine. The police confirmed the woman survived such a fall down a steep ravine near her house. The persistent call of the cat helped the rescue team locate her. The woman was rescued and taken to the hospital in a stable condition. She had fallen down into a deep ravine which was difficult to access due to the uneven ground.

Firefighters and Cornwell rescue team were there together with Cornwall Air Ambulance and SWAST. Thanks to teamwork, the woman was located and taken out of the ravine. Piran, the cat, saved her. The woman was taken to the hospital in a helicopter.

A few hours later, the team informed the woman had received medical attention. She was safe and in a good mood. Tamar, the neighbor, supplied the photo of the furry hero.

What did the back cat get in return? As far as its known, the cat got plenty of yummy treats in return!

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