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Meet This Capeless Hero That Save Three Kitties From Freezing to Death

In the winter, Canada is freezing cold. Snow covers all the ground. The snow can be dangerous for people and also animals. Things may turn out bad. However, all turned out excellent in this story!

Three kitties could have died underneath the snow but they were saved!

Kandall Diwisch, a Canadian oil worker from Drayton valley, in Alberta, Canada was completing his routine work as usual. He noticed something strange in the ground and it turns out he saw three kitties there hidden under the snow.

The tails of three kitties were buried in the ground and the kitties could not move. Diwisch tried to free the cats but he could not as they were buried deeply and so were their legs. He poured his coffee to melt the snow and pulled one kitty at a time.

The kitties were saved. He took them home and took care of them until they were healthy enough to be adopted.

This capeless hero saved the three kittens and the touching story became viral.

Cause For Critters, a local shelter for animals in Drayton Valley, informed that a family that lived in the area adopted the kittens

The story of the three kittens had a happy ending thanks to this man who rescued them from the ice otherwise the ending would be a different one.



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