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Life Hadn’t Been Kind to This Kitty Until He Arrived at a Good Man’s Front Door

Every day, we hear tragic stories of kittens who have had a torturous existence. They were given poor hands, and their lives were cut short in the cold wilderness. But, if it hadn’t been for a good man’s house, one of these kittens might have died.

Chataro first arrived in the man’s yard four years ago. The kitten was infested with mange and was coated in ticks and fleas. It would have perished if he hadn’t appeared on the man’s doorstep. The guy took it to the veterinarian, where it was determined that the kitten, too, had leukemia. Infections in his teeth and eyes meant that surgery was the only option. Chataro was on the verge of death when the vets arrived.

He’s a perfectly healthy cat four years later. He still requires eye drops every day, but he’s come a long way. Chataro was fortunate to have discovered a man who provided him with the love and care he needs at the moment. Right now, he’s a lovely cat with a few flaws, but he’s content and adored.

We’re pleased this tale ended on a happy note since it could have gone tragically. All we need is love, therefore don’t run away from a bit of kitten when it emerges it needs all the love and cares it can get. In exchange, you will receive a lifelong companion.

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