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A Sick And Blind Kitten Begs For Help After Being Left Alone On the Streets

We’ve all seen it abandoned kittens on the streets, left to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, it is becoming all too frequent. Stoyan and Desi, a Bulgarian couple, recently discovered a tiny, abandoned kitten near their home. The poor creature was blind and ill, and it begged for aid.

Stoyan and Desi look after the neighborhood’s stray animals. Their ambition is to create a strays’ refuge. Right now, everything they offer for the strays comes from their own pockets and donations to their YouTube channel.

The tiny kitten was most likely abandoned in a gap beneath the entrance to an old apartment near Stoyan and Desi’s house. It cried for days, but no one came to its aid. Finally, the kitten was transported to the vet with the assistance of Desi and Stoyan. During the journey, it slept off in the warmth of Desi’s hands.

Credit PawMeow via youttube

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