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Man Spends An Entire Week Looking For His Missing Blind Dog

It’s devastating for dog owners when they find out their dog is missing. Besides, most of us consider our dogs part of our family, and we worry about their safety if they go missing. It would even be more troubling for people who have special needs dogs.
A 12-year-old Labrador named Sage lives with a loving family. Like most families with dogs, they love spending time outdoors or in the yard to play with their beloved furry family members. Sage and her family spent a great day in the yard when the unthinkable happened.
Sage’s family went inside the house after spending time in the yard. Unfortunately, they forgot to let Sage inside, and it was almost an hour before Sage’s family realized they accidentally left her outside. After realizing Sage was still outside, the entire family frantically searched for her around their home, hoping Sage was just sniffing around.
However, Sage was nowhere to be found. Sage’s family was getting worried, and ten of their neighbors even got involved in the search, which lasted until late at night. What’s even more troubling was that Sage was blind. As days turned into a week, Sage’s family started losing hope.
Thankfully, a man named Dan Estrada didn’t lose hope. Dan, Sage’s family’s next-door neighbor, refused to give up on the sweet dog. While going on a leisurely hike around the nearby forest, Dan spotted Sage near a stream at the base of a steep slope.
Dan and his friend descended the slope and called out to Sage. They were even more encouraged when Sage moved when she heard them coming. As soon as Dan reached Sage, he hugged her and kissed her. Sage was also wagging her tail and giving Dan lots of puppy kisses.
Sage hadn’t eaten for over a week, so she was too weak to walk. So, Dan decided to carry her on his shoulders and made their way back home. They were emotionally overwhelmed when Dan contacted Sage’s family to inform them that their beloved dog had been found.
Sage’s family were crying happy tears and glad Sage was finally back with them. Despite offering a thousand dollars as a reward for finding Sage, Dan refused to take it and suggested it could be donated to an animal rescue organization. Here’s a truly amazing video featuring Sage’s rescue.

Video Source Zoo Land via YouTube

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