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Family Was Puzzled Why Their Dog Doesn’t Eat But It Turns Out He Likes His Food Prepared And Not Just Poured Into His Bowl

Unfortunately, a Golden Retriever named Enzo came down with a stomach bug. His family immediately had him checked at the vet, where they were told to put Enzo on a wet diet for a few days until he recovered.
Once he felt better, they started reintroducing him back to regular food, so they mixed a bit in with his wet food so that his stomach wouldn’t get overwhelmed by the sudden change.
Then, slowly, the family returned to giving him his regular food alone, but there was one problem. Enzo seemed fine and fully recovered for some reason, but he wouldn’t touch his food at all. And for a Golden Retriever like him, this behavior was weird and very unusual. Enzo’s family tried to be attentive to him and his cues, but they couldn’t determine what was wrong.
For days, the family brainstormed for different reasons why Enzo might not be eating and then came up with various solutions. Sadly, none of their solutions worked. Alicia, Enzo’s mom, noticed how he always looked like he was thinking and contemplating. His eyebrows were always very expressive, which was how he communicated his thoughts with them.
Finally, after long days of thinking, the solution dawned upon them, and they realized why Enzo wasn’t eating. And it was pretty hilarious.
As it turned out, Enzo wanted his food prepared and not just poured into his bowl. So whenever they would feed Enzo, they would stir the food like they were preparing it before putting his bowl down. Then Enzo would happily gobble up all his food. The family stirred his wet food when he was sick before feeding it to him, and Enzo decided that that was how his food should always be prepared.
This special food preparation that, for Enzo, symbolized his family’s love for him became a part of their routine. And as long as Enzo was happy, the family was also happy to oblige.

Source: Instagram via enzosgoldenadventure

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