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A Dog Saves The Life Of An Injured Hiker By Lying On Top Of Him For More Than 10 Hours

Dogs are not just man’s most reliable friend but also a man’s savior! They have demonstrated their heroic instincts many times.

Some save their owners from fires, while others defend their humans from burglars. There are even dogs who work as lifeguards.

Another act of canine heroism happened in Croatia. One pooch saved his owner’s life, who was stranded on a mountain. He stayed with the injured hiker for over 10 hours until rescuers reached them.

The accident at the mountain

According to a news outlet, a hiker named Grga Brkic was traveling through the Velebit mountains with his dog when the unexpected happened. He fell and sustained a rather serious injury. As a result, he couldn’t move.

Two other mountaineers were hiking with Grga. However, they were not able to reach him. Worried about their friend’s safety, they decided to call the rescue service.

The rescue team searched the mountain and eventually found Grga. They were amazed North, the hiker’s eight-month-old Alaskan Malamute, didn’t leave him. He was lying on top of Grga for 13 hours, protecting his human from the mountain’s chilly winds.

The netizens rejoice!

The Croatian rescue team shared the heartwarming story of Grga and North’s strong bond on Facebook. They said the love and the friendship between a man and a dog had no boundaries. The post received over 12K likes, 2.9K shares, and over 400 comments.

Many Facebook users are commending North for being a loyal and protective pup. One commenter says that the dog’s heart is beautiful. Another writes that humans are so lucky to have wonderful creatures, such as dogs, who live with them on this planet.

A few netizens extend their regards and praises to the team that has rescued Grga and his pup. Some also hope that Grga will recover soon.

Source: RT via YouTube

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