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Mama Dog Wandered Around A Golf Course Until People Noticed She Needed Assistance

Staff at a golf course in South Korea noticed a mama dog wandering around for quite some time. She had been observing them from afar and keeping her distance since the day she arrived.
Employees, members, and guests began to wonder why the dog was always present but have yet to approach. As a result, they decided to start revealing the truth. They contacted local rescuers for assistance, and when they arrived, they followed her to find out why she chose to live there.
Later, like the dog, Hindoong walked toward the mountain, and the rescuers pursued her. They were astounded to see three puppies in the bush when she stopped at a quiet corner away from the main road. They were even more taken aback when they realized there were more.
Hindoong left when she realized there were strangers in her den, giving the rescuers time to check on the puppies. Unfortunately, four of the seven puppies had already died, and the remaining three desperately clung to life. They were cold and needed something to keep them warm. Unfortunately, they could only do so much for them because it was too late to save them.
While waiting for the vet, the rescuers decided to provide Hindoong and her puppies with a temporary home. They made an improvised doghouse out of bamboo straws. When she returned, they also provided them a blanket and a bowl of food and water for the mother dog.
The crew left and returned later with the vet. To their surprise, only the three surviving puppies remained, while the dead ones had vanished. They checked the footage, oblivious, and discovered that the momma dog had decided to hide the lifeless bodies of her puppies.
Hindoong and her three puppies, Healing, Eco, and Bridge, were invited to stay, but the staff quickly realized their chosen location needed fixing. So, with the assistance of the rescuers, they moved the family from the mountains to a hill across from the main office. In addition, they built a more durable doghouse to keep them safe from the flying gold balls.

Credits to?Kritter Klub

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