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Despite Her Difficulties, a Homeless Dog Gives Birth To Two Puppies In a Field And Raises Them Well

A pregnant stray doggie gave birth to two adorable puppies in a field outside the compound of a water company in Greece. The workers there assumed she was once someone’s pet who was eventually dumped on the streets. Nobody was sure why.
Since she was alone and with no place to go, the mother dog decided to raise her puppies in the grassland. She chose a few people who passed by and kept her babies out of sight. Then, when she had to leave, she hid them beneath one of the water tanks.
According to locals who saw her, the momma dog roamed the village daily. She begged for assistance, searched for food, and rummaged through the trash cans. She didn’t always find food, but she tried her hardest to eat to produce milk for her children.
Many knew the furry family, but only one employee was kind enough to request assistance. She contacted local rescue organizations, but the first few she spoke with didn’t have room for another dog, let alone a family. She was about to give up when she made contact with Ermioni Giannakou.
Ermioni, a Diasozo Animal Rescue co-founder, responded quickly. She met the kind lady who requested assistance in the field where the dogs usually stayed. They heard the puppies barking but didn’t see them right away. Even the mother dog was not in the vicinity.
The ladies searched everywhere and discovered the children under a water tank. They thought they were in danger when they sensed the strangers and refused to come out. When Ermioni offered them food, they slowly emerged from their hiding place.
When Ermioni had the puppies in her arms, their mother appeared and warned her to put them down. But it quickly realized she was there for them. It followed her to her car, and after a few minutes, she managed to get it inside the travel crate with its babies.
The mother and puppies thrived in Ermioni’s care. They were in love with their new life and couldn’t thank her enough for everything she had done for them.

Credits and pictures to Diasozo Animal Rescue

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