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This Sick and Injured Puppy Discovered In An Alley Is On Her Way To Recovery

Concerned neighbors in a small village in Persia awoke one day to distress cries. When they investigated, they discovered a tiny puppy at the end of a small alley. They had no idea who it was, but they were sure the poor baby animal had been intentionally dumped.
The residents realized they had to do something to help the puppy. But unfortunately, none of them were capable of caring for her. So, instead, they went in search of assistance. After a few days, they contacted a rescue organization called Recovery Hope Angels Animal Shelter.
Omid Fereshtegan, the group’s lead rescuer, wasted no time after learning that the puppy had been left alone for a few days in the rain. He jumped into his car and rushed to the rescue site. He braced himself for the worst but hoped it wasn’t too late to save the poor animal.
Once on-site, Omid met with a local who assisted him in finding the puppy. Unfortunately, he had to leave it on the street because his car was too large to fit in the alley. But, after walking some blocks, they arrived at the end of the passage, where he discovered the little puppy he later named Nikki.
Nikki was utterly drenched. She appeared depressed, defeated, and baffled. She had no reaction when the rescuer approached her. Instead, she remained motionless and let him carry her in his arms.
Omid knew Nikki needed to see the vet immediately, so he drove her to the clinic. He wasn’t sure if she’d make it, but he remained hopeful. He believed the experts and agreed to everything they recommended.
Nikki was tired and needed to rest. She didn’t eat anything for a few days and had to be fed through an IV. But she eventually gained the strength to eat on her own. And before any of her rescuers knew it, she was up and walking again.
Nikki left the clinic after receiving her clean bill of health and went to Omid’s house. She was delighted to be safe and healthy again and is grateful for the second chance he gave her.

Credits to?Omid Fereshtegan

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