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How To Know If Behaves Normally?

You know your dog and you tend to realize when they are acting differently. What is normal and what is a problem? You may wonder as I did. It happened to one of my dogs and I checked with my vet to help him and I also started investigating this. Here are a few things you can check on your dog:

– Dogs may become disoriented: a place they are familiar with is no longer so.

– Dogs may become aggressive, especially if you try to force them, they can react aggressively, even for no apparent reason. It is important to observe how they behave when children are around.

– Dogs may become indifferent and in, some cases, they isolate.

– Dogs may lose the sense of space and sometimes, they tend to go through narrow spaces and get trapped there.

– Dogs may have sleep disorders and may sleep all day. They may stay awake at night, reduce sleep hours, and have light or irregular sleep.

– Dogs may lose interest in the owner’s company. They do not respond to game invitations or obey orders.


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Changes in behavior tend to occur slowly and gradually. They are difficult to notice them at first. For this reason, you should take the dog for vet check-up at least once a year when the dog reaches maturity.

Diagnosis of CCD

Old dogs may suffer from canine cognitive dysfunction. Your vet can better advise you and prepare you and your family to deal with problem. Dogs with CCD seem confused or lost and their sleep habits change.

In some cases, it seems that they even have hallucinations. They do not obey to orders as before; some may become anxious or aggressive.

You should be attentive to the behavior of your dog and you should carry out checks with your vet once a year to detect any time symptoms.

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