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A question of health. Do you know when your old dog needs exercise?

You, as I do, grow old and so do our dogs. Such is life. If your dog is still with you, I am sure you want the best for themselves and all those around them. For this, there is nothing better than exercise.

An old dog tends to reduce his physical activity, spends more time sleeping, tires more quickly, and sometimes refuses to walk. It is also typical that they no longer want to share time with family members and prefer to sleep.

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Important Things

It is essential to stimulate moderate physical activity, considering not to make them do any exercise that does not suit an old dog and avoiding harmful stress for both him and us.

Running or taking the dog for walk-in hours when there is no heat, excessive cold, or during a rain represents essential preventive measures, considering that the state of the dog is more sensitive to heat strokes and bugs.

We should not force the animal, if they do not want to make some sudden movements, such as sitting, playing with us, lying down, or only going up or down the stairs. It might be because they are in pain and suffers from some type of osteoarthritis. We can also notice that they get more tired, and in this case, it would help control his cardiac function.

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Anything Else?

Nutraceuticals and prebiotics are helpful in dog care when exercising. The most used and studied are vitamins E and C. Beta-carotene and Selenium L-Carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid, vegetables rich in antioxidants.

In these cases, it would be essential to consult with an animal behavior expert, who will indicate the most appropriate options for the example, and the animal’s symptoms, and may resort to pharmacological therapies.

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