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Thorns: A Danger To Our Pets

Thorns can be a problem for our dogs.

Although there are some things we can do to prevent them from damaging our dogs, the truth is that, if we see that they have a something like a nail, the best thing is to go to the vet, so they can extract it verifying that there is nothing left inside and apply some ointment if necessary.

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However, when a thorn enters the ear, we will not be able to see it, but one of the main symptoms is that our pet begins to feel uncomfortable and does not stop shaking their heads. The thorns not only enter the legs or ears. In many cases, they have also been found in the eyes, nose, and different parts of the body.

To avoid all this, it is essential that we brush the backs of our pets to avoid the appearance of knots. This will facilitate that thorns do not enter the areas of the body. Warm weather arrives and with it the fearsome ears. We can avoid them with some easy tips:

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How to prevent thorns if we have a long-haired dog

– We will shave conflictive areas such as the area of ??its lower belly, or the legs if it is a breed with a lot of fur.

– We will comb their hair daily.

– We will check the ears after walking through the field, both inside and behind.

If you have short or medium hair:

– We will also shave troubled areas.

– We’ll check the ears.

– We will review the elbows and between the toes of the legs.

– Let’s not forget behind your ears.

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