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How do dogs react strangers?

How do dogs react strangers?

Our dogs can be good to some and not so much to others they do not know. This may be due to lack of dog socialization or an incorrect education.

The puppy must be around a variety of people and different environments and circumstances to minimize any issues with people they dont know. The sooner they socialize, the better.

A good way to educate our puppies is with our guests at home.

When our visitors come, we should be at the door and should ensure our dogs are quiet and sitting. We should greet our visitors and our dogs should come at our command.

Our dogs should wait our guidance in our environment. We should introduce them to our guests and show our dogs how to behave accordingly.

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First Time Out in the Street

Going out with our puppies may turn into a real nightmare the moment we leave the house. A good start under control is beneficial for a positive learning experience.

In most cases, dogs take the lead and they give us the walk instead. To prevent this, we should train them to obey to sit and wait for our command to go out. We are reinforcing obedience as opposed to over-excitement.

Once out in the street, the experience is richer. We are sharing a pleasant walk in the open air and we are interacting with the outer world, which is a challenge to the education we have given our dogs.

We may find people who do not like to be around dogs as much as we do. Others do not tolerate dog barking or dirty streets caused by dog poop, which irresponsible owners do not clean up let alone bites or aggressive behavior that can be avoided if we are responsible.

We must always walk our dogs responsibly with a leash or basket muzzle when appropriate. You will see your dog can be as responsible as we are with them and can act as taught.

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