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This Dog Always Hides Underground And The Owners Don’t Know Why

Some dogs are more sociable than others. Goori is an example of a dog that favors isolation over socialization.

Goori’s owner prepares some delicious snacks for all of the dogs. All dogs are excited about the meal. However, Goori chooses not to participate.

Goori retreats to the back area of the enclosure. There is a hole on the ground. It leads to an area underneath a house. Once he enters the hole, he doesn’t come out.

The owner has to approach the hole and call Goori. Even if she entices him with food, it’s no use. Goori has made his decision to stay hidden.

After some time passes, the dog decides to get out of the hole on his own. The owner then throws food towards Goori’s direction. Some of it was tossed in the right direction, and Goori took them. Sometimes the toss was off by a few meters, and the other dogs took the food.

Another attempt at tossing food spooked Goori. He returned underground again. It was a hard scene to watch.

Goori was a special dog. The owner decided to adopt him because no one else was interested. He was a dog that had trust issues. It’s impossible to approach or even touch him.

There is also a dog who constantly bully Goori. His name is Janggo. He always threatens Goori, but he’s also a dog who’s at the bottom of the pack. This means that Goori ranks even lower.

One time while the owner was trying to feed Goori, Janggo stole his food. It was at the moment that the atmosphere changed. Did Goori suddenly feel like fighting for what is his? An update on this episode was uploaded on SBS TV’s YouTube channel linked below.

Video courtesy of SBS TV Animals via YouTube.

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