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Heartless Owners Abandon Obese Dog Cramped In Tiny Crate Outside A Michigan Animal Shelter – She Is Now Looking For Her New Forever Home

It’s difficult to understand how some dog owners could be heartless and abandon their pets. They fail to realize that they become part of the family once we accept these animals as our responsibility. And worse of all, these pets get dumped at a time when they need humans the most. This is usually when they are in their senior stage or have terrible illnesses.

Itty bitty space

Sarah is an elderly Bulldog that was found stuffed inside a tiny crate. She was left outside the shelter facility of a nonprofit organization based in Michigan. The staff was coming in for the day, and they were surprised to see the abandoned dog. After reviewing the facility’s security cameras, they saw that the dog’s owner had left her at nine p.m. the previous night.

She had been suffering in the cramped space for more than half a day, and the poor pup was already crying. It took several employees to take her oversized body out of the crate.

The Bulldog, later named Sarah, had no room to stretch. A medical checkup later by a vet showed that the prolonged period of nonmovement aggravated a preexisting condition, a herniated disc, which left her legs paralyzed.

Medical treatment

Her severe obesity most likely caused her back problems. The dog seemed to be kept without any exercise, and her owners continued feeding her.

Nevertheless, the dog’s condition did not affect her temperament. She is a sweet, gentle pup who was so grateful to be freed. She adores giving kisses and snuggling with humans. But there would be times when she would be in pain and whine and cry.

The doctors said that although her condition cannot be changed, she will need multiple surgeries to relieve her from pain and discomfort. The organization started asking for donations.

Sarah was eventually taken in by a foster, where she stayed while she recuperated from her treatments. She is now living with several dogs helping her through a difficult time.

Source: Almost Home-NO KILL Shelter via Facebook

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