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It Took Nine Days To Save A Dog After Its Owners Dumped It In A Parking Lot – She Now Has A New Life

Concerned residents contacted a local shelter in Memphis, Tennessee, informing them that a stray dog needed assistance. She was howling loudly and regretfully, and she appeared to be depressed. Some others attempted to feed her, but she was never enticed.

Someone from animal control was dispatched to assist the dog in the parking lot of a retail warehouse club. Unfortunately, he was unable to catch her despite his experience and equipment. He tried for several days, but the dog was too quick and astute. He realized he needed assistance at that point.

Patiently waiting

The animal control officer contacted a charity rescue organization, which agreed to assist. One of their rescuers arrived in the parking lot and attempted to grab the dog. When he failed, he decided to try something new: patience and love.

He returned to the parking lot the next day, prepared with an armchair and some food. He even brought his dog with him. His strategy was to remain there and acquire the trust of the abandoned dog. He attempted to feed her and softly called out to her.

He realized the dog was warming up to him on the third day. Nevertheless, he persisted with his strategy, and on the ninth day, he successfully captured her.

Leaving behind

The rescue organization took the puppy to the vet, who was startled to learn that the dog was in fantastic condition. They realized someone had taken care of her but decided to remove her collar and abandon her in the parking lot.

Samantha was the dog’s name, and she was placed in a foster home. They tried to find her owner, but no one came forward. So they decided to find her a new forever home.

She was, fortunately, finding that relatives did not take long. Samantha is in a loving home where she will never be left alone.

Source: Did You Know Animals via?Youtube

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