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Friendly Dog Hilariously Plays Fun Game With A Rescue Fawn

It’s fun to watch our canine buddies interacting with animals of different species. Even if they don’t share the same communication methods, dogs still find a way to communicate their message.

Thus, a playful doggo can’t help but indulge in a fawn’s invitation to play. Though the canine’s not in the mood to play, the fawn’s persistence ultimately changed its mind.

Hey, Cornelius, let’s play catch.

In this fun-filled footage, a trio of animals chills out on a grassy lawn. One of the animals? A mix-furred dog named Cornelius, while the other two are baby deer.

As the video progresses, you’ll notice Cornelius holding a green tennis ball in his snout. Yet, the fawn nearest the dog, Fawnzi, wants to play with him, and he soon begins trotting in his direction.

Fawnzi then gently nudges his forehead on Cornelius snout to convince him to play. Yet, as the dog’s not in the mood to engage in a fun game, Cornelius preps to walk away instead.

Seriously? I don’t want to!

With this, Fawnzi rushes before him and resumes nudging the dog. Yet, as the canine is eager to escape, he continues ignoring the fawn while clinging to the ball.

This hilarious scenario continues until Cornelius trots toward another area of the lawn. Ever the relentless fawn, Fawnzi continues pestering the doggo to make him play.

Thus, a lively banter soon ensues, with Fawnzi nudging Cornelius head to get the ball. And, every time the canine retrieves the ball, the fawn bumps his head against the dog’s head.

Yet, Cornelius? has had enough of the fawn’s tricks as it gives him a stern look, making Fawnzi run away. Yet, the dog’s missing out on the fun as he dashes towards the deer and persuades him to continue with their game.

Do you think Fawnzi readily accedes? Tap the play button below to continue watching the funny pair in live-action.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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