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Comical Vizsla Jumps Into Box To Retrieve Toy, Ends Up Meeting A Mishap Instead

Everyone knows how dogs treasure their toys. No matter what kind of toy they have, canines won’t mind if they get to play with it for as long as they want.

Thus, a funny Viszla meets a mishap when it jumps too eagerly into a box to retrieve its toy. Yet, the pup doesn’t mind having gone through such a hilarious event if it means getting the toy it wants.

Okay, here we go!

In this amusing video clip, a box sits on the carpeted floor of a living room. Yet, the box doesn’t stay solo in the area for long as a brown Vizsla barges into the room and heads straight toward it.

At first, you’ll think the dog’s merely curious about the box. Yet, as soon as the Vizsla reaches the box, it begins bounding energetically.

On and on the doggo goes until it finds the perfect timing to jump inside. Without wasting a second, the Vizsla dives into the box head-first.

Oops! That’s fine!

With its appearance, the Vizsla is eager to retrieve an object dear to it inside the box. But, the canine’s eagerness got the best of it as its body began leaning towards the other side of the box.

And, before the Vizsla can prepare itself, it tumbles down, ultimately making the box fall with it as well. But this little mishap didn’t affect the doggo as it reemerged while holding a plushy with its mouth.

It turns out the Vizsla? is keen to get its toy from the box even at the cost of meeting an epic incident in the end. Thus, if you want to take advantage of the dog’s hilarious epic fail, tap the play button below now.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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