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Comical Doggo Amusingly Charges At Tree Branches During Fun Car Ride

Dogs love their families so much they’re willing to protect them. Even if there are no signs of danger, canines still fiercely guard their humans.

Thus, one brave canine barks on innocent tree branches that scratch their van’s window. Even if the branches don’t do anything to rile the doggo, it continues yapping at them too protect its humans.

Stay back! I’ve got this!

In this amusing video clip, one can initially see a brown-furred doggo named Huck staring at the van’s window. At first, you’ll think Huck’s merely doing some sightseeing as their van passes by some trees.

Yet, instead of calmly watching the greenery, Huck barks furiously at them. At some point, the doggo even tries to jump on them to make the branches steer away from them.

On and on, Huck goes with his barking stint to continue warning the trees to stay where they are. Yet, the canine wants the trees to understand his warnings as he soon pounces on the van’s window.


As the video progresses, Huck stares at the greenery ahead, carefully eyeing their every move. And, the moment the van passes by a nearby bush, the doggo springs into action and begins barking at them.

At some point, Huck even snaps at some branches, eager to make them stay away from the van. Yet, as the dog’s preoccupied with the task, he failed to notice a nearby tree branch sticking out.

Before Huck can duck his head inside the window, his head gets caught in the tree branches. Thus, when the canine ducks his head inside, Huck brings a few of the branches in the van.

With the mishap, do you think Huck continues attacking the trees their van passes by? Keep watching so you won’t miss out on the canine’s next action.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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