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Ecstatic Pup Plays With Its Newest Toy In The Most Adorable Fashion

It isn’t unusual to see canines happily playing with objects they see in their surroundings. For our doggy pals, everything they find interesting is their newest toy.

Thus, one Goldendoodle puppy can’t help but begin playing with a spiky ball on the floor. Though it’s the pup’s first time to see such an object, nothing can stop it from having fun with its newest plaything.

Ooh, what’s this?

In this lively footage, a brown-furred Goldendoodle lies on the floor. Not far away from the adorable canine, one can also spot a spiky pink ball resting on the floor.

At first, you’ll think the pup’s merely taking its afternoon nap after playing with the spiky ball. But, the doggo soon begins squirming while looking curiously at the toy.

And, when the Goldendoodle can no longer contain its curiosity, it begins barking at the ball. The canine even attempts pawing at the plaything but can’t bring itself to continue as it immediately backs away.

Why so spiky?

Yet, as the video progressed, the curious pup grew bolder as it managed to touch the ball. But it immediately jumps away whenever its paws touch the spiky toy, surprised with how it feels.

When jumping and pawing doesn’t work, the doggo resumes crouching on the floor while using its mouth to catch the toy. At first, it looked like the dog’s new strategy worked, but after a few seconds, such a move accidentally pushed the ball further away.

Hence, the dog?s left to wonder how it can play with its newest toy without having too much contact with its spikes. Do you think the Goldendoodle finally musters the courage to touch the toy? You better stay tuned in the video clip below to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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