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Dog “Makes Fun” Of His Corgi Friend’s Tiny Legs Before Giving Him A Look When He’s Discovered.

Over 6 million people have watched Jack Russell-pug cross Dustin “mock” his friend Tayto.
Dustin, a Jack Russell and pug crossbreed, has become fast friends with Tayto since owner Ailish introduced them.
However, one video has cemented the pair’s place in the hall of viral superstardom.
Dustin, three, is seen following behind Tayto, two, in the corridor of their owner Ailish Ryan’s home in Sydney, Australia.
Dustin crawls on his front belly, seemingly unaware he has been spotted.
But when Tayto gives him a look, the two have a hilarious stand-off.
The Jack Russell mix then walks out of the room.
Originally shared on Instagram on February 22, the video has since been viewed over 6 million times after being shared on Twitter.
Thousands of viewers were convinced the smaller dog was making fun of his friend’s shorter legs.
“This dog is mocking how his corgi friend walks,” one person wrote.
Another person imitated Dustin, saying, “Look at me, I’m a Corgi!” I have short legs and walk like this.”
However, Ailish believes that only some things were as it appeared. “I’ve seen that a lot of people think Dusty is mocking Tayto and his little stumpy legs, which I find so funny!” she exclaimed. “It does look like that, especially in that video.”
“Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but I don’t think Dusty is smart enough to think like that, and he is just scratching his belly and barking at Tayto for interrupting his scooting.”
The two dogs have amusing interactions each day.

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