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A Concerning Pit Bull Would Not Leave The Shelter Without Her Chihuahua Companion.

Dogs are well-known as devoted human companions. It is usually the start of a lifelong friendship when they bond with another creature or person. If a dog is separated from the person or animal with whom he has developed a bond, he will become depressed.
Merrill, a Pit Bull, and Taco, a Chihuahua, surrendered to San Francisco’s Rocket Dog Rescue. Although little is known about the two dogs’ history, animal shelter staff and volunteers immediately noticed something unusual.
Merrill and Taco refused to leave each other’s side. Taco and Merrill would weep incessantly when Rocket Dog Rescue employees and volunteers separated them, attempting to find each other.
They needed to be together, and getting people to adopt them is extremely difficult.
Merrill and Taco’s bond is so strong that they can’t be separated. They needed to be adopted together in one home to thrive. However, only some are willing to adopt two dogs simultaneously.
Fortunately, a man looking for a dog at the shelter fell in love with Merrill at first sight. On the other hand, Merrill has already developed feelings for the tiny Chihuahua with whom she shares her kennel. The two dogs began crying when the man took Merrill out of their kennel.
The man was perplexed until the staff informed him that Merrill and Taco were related dogs. The man knew the two dogs had to be adopted and didn’t want to break Merrill and Taco’s hearts. Unfortunately, the man could not afford two dogs and ended Merrill’s adoption.
Staff and volunteers shared Merrill and Taco’s story on social media and the shelter’s website. The story went viral and eventually reached a San Jose, California, household. Merrill and Taco were both adopted by their families after falling in love.
Everyone at the shelter is delighted that the two dogs have finally found their forever home. Merrill and Taco’s family ensured that the two canines were always together and that Taco’s medical issues were addressed.
The two dogs are now happily residing in their new forever home with their new family.
This incredibly charming and heartwarming film tells the story of Merrill and Taco.

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