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Following The Death Of Their 14-year-old Dog Companion, Norman, Actress Kaley Cuoco And Her Husband Have Welcomed A ‘Ginormous’ Senior Dog.

Last January, Hollywood star Kaley Cuoco announced the death of Norman, her long-time companion. However, where there is death, there is life, and the 35-year-old Flight Attendant actress has welcomed a new four-legged friend into her household.

Earlier this month, the Big Bang Theory alum revealed that she and her husband Karl Cook had adopted Larry, a senior dog. They shared the news on Instagram, along with many images of their new family member. In her post, Cuoco described the rescue dog as a colossal nine-year-old mastiff chunk mongrel of love, adding that she and her husband are immediately smitten with him.

Cuoco greeted Larry and took the chance to thank Paws for Life K9 Rescue and Rita Earl Photography for bringing the ideal addition to their family into their lives. She also expressed gratitude to the dog’s former foster home for their excellent care.

Cuoco also posted several photos of Larry during his first days with them in her Instagram stories, demonstrating her devotion to her new four-legged companion. She even mentioned that he was the size of a horse and that she could ride him. She also stated in another photo that Larry was already a barn dog as she introduced him to a horse.

Larry’s arrival is a happy milestone in Cuoco’s life because it comes six months after Norman, her 14-year-old furry companion, died. Last January, the actress revealed the news in an Instagram post with a heartfelt tribute. She described his death as an earth-shattering and profound gut-wrenching pain she didn’t know was possible, and she wrote this alongside two black-and-white photos of Norman and herself.

Cuoco also thanked him for smiling at her as he left this world, confirming that they spoke in their language. She concluded her heartfelt caption by saying that he will always be in her heart.

While Norman and Larry were two very different doggy partners, we’re just glad Kaley Cuoco is beginning a new episode in her life with the addition of a new canine companion!

Source:Kaley Cuoco/ Instagram

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