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After Becoming Separated From Her Owner Before Hurricane Harvey, A Lost Puppy Finds Her Way Home.

Maddie, the Kosters’ beloved dog, has been missing for three years, and the family has refused to get another to fill her void. They didn’t want to look to be taking over for Maddie, so they hoped she was still alive.

Maddie vanished just days before Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in 2017. During that moment, Rachel Koster did everything she could to locate the dog., but it wasn’t easy. She eventually began to worry about the worst-case scenario, but she tried to remain optimistic.

The family had searched for months and had come up empty-handed. At that point, Koster felt defeated. She tried to remain hopeful, but it became increasingly difficult as the days passed.

Rachel Koster called one day with the good news that someone knew where Maddie was. The family was initially suspicious, fearing it was a ruse. They quickly realized, however, that their dog was still alive.

Maddie was spotted by Gayle Tebon, a volunteer with Forgotten Pet Advocates in Sugar Land, Texas. Tebon came to a halt to pick up a tiny puppy that was dashing through the bustling streets. She took Maddie to the veterinarian, where they discovered that the dog had a microchip but that it was no longer updated with the family’s current information.

Tebon, on the other hand, did not rest on his laurels. She was adamant about reuniting Maddie with her family because she knew that someone was concerned about the cute dog. So she shared Maddie’s photo on Facebook and enlisted the assistance of Marilyn Litt of Lost Dogs of Texas.

Finally, Lost Dogs of Texas was able to contact the Kosters. The family was grateful for the volunteers’ efforts to assist Maddie in returning home.

Maddie’s personality hasn’t changed, as if time hasn’t passed. But, according to Lost Dogs of Texas, updating their dog’s microchip information is the simplest way to assist a lost dog in returning home.

All photos courtesy of@KPRC2ReChelle/Facebook

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