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This video of a Puppy Crying Out For Help After Being Left Outside A Supermarket In Greece got viral

Takis was out in the city doing some chores when he came across a puppy in distress in a supermarket. His owner appeared to have abandoned him. He was in a box that was placed inside a large planter filled with garbage.

The puppy was crying loudly, and most passers-by tried to ignore him. Takis, a well-known animal lover who has rescued many homeless animals, couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the tiny pup in that situation. So he took the puppy and returned him to his shelter, as he always does.

Ozzy Takis invited the dog into his home. Even though he had plenty of space and kennels in his shelter on his property, he didn’t want the small dog mixed in with the other dogs who were staying there. He was still too young and frail.

The tiny pup was initially wary of his new surroundings. He had his bed and was in a secure location. But he was perplexed and terrified. He’d whimper now and then and back off whenever his rescuer got too close.

Takis got one of his gentler dogs and brought him inside as well to help him adjust. He expected the dog to act as a surrogate for the puppy, renamed Ozzy. Fortunately, his plan worked. The two canines got along well, and Ozzy felt safe for the first time.


The puppy grew more potent and more self-assured. He began to trust humans and frequently sought affection from Takis. Finally, a kind woman came in a few months after being rescued and fell in love with him.

She adopted Ozzy and brought him home with her. Today, the former stray puppy lives happily inside a home full of rescued animals. He has a beautiful life, spending his days playing with his new siblings.

Source: The Dodo viaYoutube

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