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A Woman Gave This Bait Dog A Second Chance At Life, And He Has Now a Happy Life With Her.

Brittany worked as a veterinary technician in an animal hospital. Animal control arrived one day with a rescued dog. He was discovered abandoned in a bedroom of a vacant house in Camden, New Jersey, a city known for its underground dog fighting rings.

The dog was cowering inside the crate when Brittany opened it, and he refused to come out. He was bloodied and had multiple wounds. Brittany could tell he was either a bait dog or a dog used for practice by an aggressive fighting dog.

The veterinarian in charge of animal control decided to euthanize him. Despite his pain, he reached up and licked Brittany’s face. Brittany realized he wasn’t an aggressive dog and that he wanted to live.

Brittany decided right then and there to cover all of his medical expenses, foster him, and nurse him back to health. Later on, she’d figure out about the adoption. Then, because he knew he was safe, the dog could relax and sleep on the way to Brittany’s house.

Brittany gave him the name Pacino. Surprisingly, Pacino bounced back quickly. Brittany and her boyfriend then decided to train him. First, of course, they had to teach him everything from the ground up.

Pacino was potty-trained, and he was introduced to toys. Then, they trained him to walk on a leash and eat on a set schedule. He learned quickly because he had so much faith in his foster parents and was also food motivated.

He began to reveal his true self. He was mischievous, sweet, and eager to please. He knew what he wanted and made it known to his parents. When his parents saw his big brown eyes, they couldn’t say no.

Despite his early exposure to violence, Pacino was sweet and non-aggressive. He adored everyone he met, especially children and the elderly. The couple had fallen in love with him and decided to adopt him. Pacino became an essential part of their lives, and he witnessed their wedding.

They were confident that they would have many happy days ahead of them with Pacino.

Source: GeoBeats Animals viaYouTube

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