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Firefighters Rescue Kitty From a Fire And Save His Life With Basic First Aid

A video widely shared through Facebook shows how a firefighter rescues a poor kitty from the flames. The video that showed how the little kitty trapped in flames in Malasia was rescued awaken admiration and applause.

The quick action to save the street cat moved thousands of Facebook users. The following comments were made: its good to know there are kind-hearted people that help animals instead of mistreating them. My respect. How nice of him to bring the cat back to life. The firefighter is a genius

As the video shows, the firefighter noticed the kitty was barely alive so he covered it with a pink blanket and started with CPR to help him breath again.

After almost a minute of CPR, the kitty started making sounds. The firefighter named Amirul could save him. The kitty wasnt able to walk at fist. However, shortly after he was back to normal.

The video uploaded to Facebook got more than 18 thousand views and it became a trend.

Credit Curious cat

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