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Meet Mochi: The Grief Therapy Dog Who Would Make Your Ruff Times Better

A beautiful canine named Mochi is destined for greatness – even though she may not realize it yet.

This fast-growing cute ball of fluff is the newest addition at the Macon Funeral Home in Franklin, North Carolina. Her job description? To provide love and support for visitors at the funeral home.

Tori McKay, Mochis owner and Office Administrator for the funeral home, said that research had supported the benefits of having animals during moments of grief. And their community requires such. According to her, people light up when they see the pup. And Mochi is likewise happy to sit with them and take in all the love for as long as they desire.

Growing up, McKay belonged to a family that is used to the presence of canines and has always looked forward to owning a pet that could give back. She said shes always loved having them around – and for years, it was always her dream to introduce a therapy dog in their funeral services. And now that she has that chance, she says she is grateful.

As a Bernese mountain dog, Mochis nature is to be loyal, affectionate, and gentle. These characteristics make her the perfect addition to the funeral home. According to McKay, Bernese mountain dogs have a lifespan of about six to eight years – and she wants Mochi to live out her life meaningfully and hold as much purpose as possible.

McKay doesnt have a dog training background, but she takes Mochi to socialize in the Office and teaches her the basic manners and commands needed by any pet to carry out their role as therapy dogs.

Instinctively, the almost-one-year-old canine seems to know what a grieving family needs. Mochis naturally gentle and loving demeanor was a welcome gesture for families mourning a loss. According to her, some families even use Mochi as a break from the rather challenging funeral planning process – others would continue their planning dialogue as they pet or hold the canine for comfort.

Due to the pandemic, McKays plans of attending formal therapy dog training sessions are on hold. However, she would take Mochi to one as soon as she could. But despite the lack of certification, Mochis love-filled heart is apparent.

McKay said all their clients love having Mochi around. And in turn, Mochi is happy to return the affection to them.

Source: Macon Funeral Home

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