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Eclipse, The Dog Who Travels Alone By Bus To Go To The Park

Meet Eclipse, the dog that rides on public transportation like you!

“Every bus driver knows her. She sits just like any passenger. She makes everyone’s ride,” commented Tiona Rainwater, bus line driver.

With a pass hanging around his neck, Eclipse uses public transportation like any other user. The problem is that when it does not find an individual seat, she must be located next to a human, but it turns out to be an extremely respectful dog and adored by all.

Her owner, Jeff Young, assured that he usually accompanies his pet to the Belltown dog park – they both take the bus at the door of his apartment – but one day, while they were waiting for the transport, Jeff lit a cigarette and thought to wait for the next bus. At that moment, Eclipse got on the bus for the first time without knowing that her master remained below.

Unbelievably, when Jeff arrived at the park, Eclipse was there, waiting for him for her daily tour. Since that day, the extraordinary dog ??travels by bus only four stops on the renowned line D.

“She has lived in the neighborhood for two years, so she knows the surroundings very well. She is already a user of the bus. Generally, once a week, I get a call saying ‘I have your lost dog, he is here in the Third and Bell ‘, to which I usually reply that she’s okay and that she knows what she’s doing, “Jeff said.


Video: Amrica TV

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