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Did You Know That Understanding The Movements Of The Pets Tail Help You Understand Your Pet?

Even though our pets use the whole body to communicate, their tails communicate the most.

When you get home, your dog or cat show emotions in different ways. However, if you pay attention to their tails, you will find out more than you can even imagine.

Interesting facts

Tail wagging has been used as a theme of many advertising campaigns in different countries. Tail wagging is internationally recognized as an expression of emotions.

A well-known New Zealand advertising resorted to wagging tails to show that dogs can be trained to help people with disabilities or with conditions such as multiple sclerosis or muscular dystrophy. For this purpose, they placed wagging tails on the rear windshield wipers of cars.

The tails would move to raise awareness of the topic and the importance of getting involved with it as well.

Tell me how the tail is and I will tell you how they feel.

Lets see what the tail says regarding the mood of your dog and your cat:

Tail down: If the tail is down, your dog is quiet and relaxed. If the tail is down, your cat is waiting for something.

Tail in between the legs: If the tail is in between the legs, then dogs are feeling fear or showing submission. If the tail is down, your cat is down or sad.

Tail to the sides: In dogs, a wagging tail is a sign of happiness, but in cats it means anger. The more a cat moves its tail, the angrier the cat is. In fact, in wild big cats, a wagging tail is a warning of an imminent attack.

Tail up: This is a typical sign of a cat invitation to play, while dogs will invite you for fun by wagging their tails energetically to the sides.

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