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Dog With Missing Nose And Paw Is Welcomed Into The Home Of a Loving Family

Bonnie was found by a kind-hearted woman lying injured on a Romanian railway track. So naturally, she needed to be brought to a vet clinic as soon as possible to diagnose and treat her properly. But, unfortunately, it was determined that Bonnie was also a victim of animal mistreatment in addition to being run over by a train after an exhaustive examination.

Bonnie’s front paw was also missing in addition to her nose. She looked so bad that the vets doubted she’d make it. But then the Universe decided to intervene and give Bonnie a second chance in life.

Starting over in the United Kingdom
Bonnie’s rescuer had every intention of keeping her but couldn’t. She eventually took Bonnie to Beacon Animal Rescue to ensure she was in good hands. Because the poor thing was in desperate need of medical attention, the rescue team transferred her to the United Kingdom.

Beacon Animal Rescue also shared Bonnie’s story on social media to encourage people to accept disabled dogs into their homes. The staff wanted to ensure that a loving family would adopt her once the dog had finished her treatment. Kate happened to be looking for a dog to foster at the same time. She saw Bonnie’s photo on the shelter’s Facebook page and volunteered to care for her.

Kate was well aware that no one wanted anything to do with Bonnie. Aside from having enough money in the bank, caring for the nose-less beauty would require a lot of patience. Nevertheless, she was so moved by Bonnie’s plight that she decided to welcome the canine into her home.

From foster to forever
Bonnie’s foster mother had so much fun caring for her that she decided to adopt her. When Kate informed the staff at Beacon Animal Shelter of her decision, they were ecstatic. They were relieved that Bonnie had finally found her forever home.

Crditos aBonnie the Brave

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