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Cute Videoof aNanny Goose Taking Care Of These New BornPuppies As If They Were Her Own

Nothing can stand in the way of sincere love and friendship, as demonstrated by this fluffy dog and downy Goose.

Interspecies interactions are a sight to behold. They prove that friendships can bloom between the most unlikely mates with a bit of compassion and tolerance. Even a goose may become a nanny for puppies.

The owner of this adorable Samoyed had no idea when she brought home a baby yellow gosling that the dog and the Goose would become inseparable best friends.

The Samoyed was enamored with the baby goose from the minute it joined the household. She followed the little goose everywhere he went, and the two became closest friends. The dog kept an eye on the baby goose and even shared her food and water with the Goose as she matured.

They were inseparable, and they played and got into trouble together. The canine even kept an eye on her goose pal while she swam in her pool. They were so close that it appeared as if they were the only two in the house, despite the presence of a poodle.

After the Goose grew up, it was quite a sight to see the enormous white geese roaming around with a fluffy white dog as if it were the most natural thing in the world. They were so close that when the dog had puppies, the Goose became their Nanny.

The Goose was immediately there to welcome the puppies into the world from the minute they were born. She assisted her dog companion in caring for the puppies and is as proud of them as possible.
She tends to the puppies and keeps an eye on them when they nurse. Then, when their mother takes a little break, she checks on the pups as though counting them and ensuring herself that they are all well.

Proof that she and the dog’s trust is genuine and deep. She works with her closest buddy to raise her puppies, as all good friends do. It’s the sweetest thing to witness these Nanny goose look after the small puppies like they’re her own.

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