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Connecticut Rescuers Save Eager Dog Who Got His Head Stuck In A Tree Stump

A lot of dogs have this instinct for chasing smaller animals. This is significantly more evident in hunting breeds. Many of them can be relentless when they are in pursuit. And sometimes, their devotion to the chase could lead to dangerous situations.

Dogged determination

One Saturday morning, a dog owner took his eager pet out for a walk in the woods in Wilton, Connecticut. The resident has done this numerous times with his active pup, and he would often take him off his leash. He was confident the canine would stay within a reasonable distance and always return.

The pup saw a chipmunk on that particular day and started chasing it. A few minutes later, his owner started calling out to him, but he never returned. He looked around and soon found his pet in a very difficult situation. The active canine was so determined to catch the chipmunk that he stuck his head in a tree stump.

The owner tried to get him out, but the poor pup was trapped. Some people passing by tried to help, but nothing worked. They didn’t want to pull him out forcefully as the dog might get injured and hurt. So they decided to call for help.

Slowly but surely

Firefighters were dispatched immediately. The responders assessed the situation, and they made a plan. They used battery-operated cutters and hydraulic tools to widen the hole where the dog’s head was stuck. They had to be very careful not to cut the poor pup.

Aside from that, the dead tree had a huge branch hanging over the dog. Any sudden and forceful movements may cause it to fall over them. This made their task even more challenging. Slowly, they chipped away at the stump. Although visibly scared, the dog stayed motionless, and he had no choice.

Soon, the pup was free. Everyone cheered as he finally got his head out. Hopefully, this experience will serve as a lesson to him.

Source: Tom Cassin via Facebook

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