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Pit Bull Pup With Deformed Legs Is Rescued From Backyard Breeder And Grows Up To Be A Great Inspiration

Like many puppies bred and raised by backyard breeders, Axel is a product of inbreeding. Because of this, he was born with deformed legs.

He never learned how to use his limbs, so his muscles grew weak. He moved around by crawling.

Axel would splay out on the floor and scoot on his tummy. He was just flat like a pancake and couldn’t get far.

The breeder tried to sell him, but nobody wanted a dog with a condition. A rescuer who lived nearby heard about the pup and was able to get him away. But sadly, circumstances changed, and he had to surrender the pup to the local shelter.

Last chance

Because of his condition, Axel was a good candidate for euthanasia. The shelter didn’t have the resources or the staffing to give him treatment. And it was also very unlikely that someone would adopt him. Fortunately for him, though, a kind woman saw his photo on social media and fell in love with him.

Aryn Faile, a seasoned foster parent, just had to save him. At first, she offered to foster the dog, but after two days of caring for the pup, she decided to adopt him. Axel had a great personality, and she became heavily invested in seeing that he had a better life.


Aryn devoted much time to strengthening the pup’s leg muscles. She eventually had him go through therapy. When she saw that the dog was working hard to get up on his legs and move around, she was inspired and developed big hopes that one day, he would be able to live a somewhat normal life.

As Axel grew bigger, so did his determination. Soon, his front legs were moving normally. Seeing this, the doctors decided to let him undergo surgery. They knew Axel had it in him to live life to the fullest.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube

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