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Black Labrador Born With Facial Deformities Finally Gets To Enjoy Playing In The Water After A Successful Surgery

We’re quick to hide our imperfections because we’re afraid other people might see them. We purchase creams, and we sign up for treatments so that we can get rid of them. What’s interesting about this is, the moment we get rid of what to us are imperfections, we immediately lose parts of ourselves.

It’s a concept that’s difficult to process, what with society constantly pushing everyone to be perfect. This is the reason why people, or beings, who celebrate their imperfections are looked up to my most. They break from the mold and show everyone that being imperfect is, indeed, what makes us perfect.

Such is the case of Felix, a black Labrador born with a cleft palate and a cleft lip. His facial deformities weren’t that much of an issue for him because his owners made him feel that he had a charming face. The only problem he had with his cleft lip and cleft palate was that he had a hard time nursing from his mom.

A dog named Felix

Felix was only 11 days old when his owner, Jamie, rescued him. His breeder called her after noticing that he was having breathing problems. The deformities he had on his face made it difficult for him to nurse from his mom. He also developed aspiration pneumonia, which only added to his struggles.

The doctors told Jamie that Felix’s chances of surviving the next 24 hours were slim. Determined to save the dying pup, she took him in and tube-fed him for a month and a half. She also looked for ways to treat the poor pup’s pneumonia. He’s now 14 months old as of writing.

Perfect despite the imperfections

Felix had a life-changing surgery early this year. The doctors did everything to fix his cleft lip and cleft palate. Thanks to their magical hands, Felix can now eat and drink properly. He can also finally enjoy water activities!

Credits to thevaiobandit101

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