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Sleepy Doggo Hilariously Tries Stopping Himself From Sleeping On Duty

Its normal to feel tired after a hard days work. No matter what kind of job you do, its quite impossible for a person to possess limitless energy.

Thus, one dutiful pooch cant help but fall asleep while on service dog duty. Though Mom doesnt mind the pooch slacking, she finds the said event too hilarious not to record.

Where is he?

In this interestingly funny footage, one can initially see a woman sitting inside a car together with a black-furred dog. By the looks of it, the pairs about to go on a trip.

But, as the video progressed, one can notice that the vehicle isnt moving and that Mom isnt driving. It even looks like Mom and the poochs patiently waiting for someone to return.

Despite the need to wait, the adorable dog continued to sit motionlessly. Even if he looks like a statue, the dog carried on with the waiting game until he accidentally performed something hilarious.

Im so tired.

A few seconds more into the video, the dogs eyes started drooping. Though its position makes it look like the poochs awake, one cannot help but see how its eyelids closed.

Despite the hilarity of the situation, Mom doesnt do anything to wake the pooch. She continued to sit on the same spot while silently filming what the poochs bound to do.

However, the dog caught itself in time as it immediately awoke from its brief slumber. Though Mom already documented such an event, the dog still assumes the same position and makes everything look like nothing peculiar happened.

Perhaps, the dogs merely too tired with waiting that it didnt manage to keep itself awake the entire time. But, if you think that the poochs action too hilarious to miss, make sure to watch the full video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral viaYouTube

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