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Adorable Corgi Refuses To Let Go Of Rope Without A Fight What Does He Do With It?

Everyone knows how protective dogs are with the objects they treasure the most. Even if their fur parents merely touch it, canines sternly warn them not to continue with their plan.

Thus, one feisty Corgi refuses to let its fur dad remove the rope hes munching on. The moment Dad yanks the cord, the doggo warns Dad with the sternest-sounding growl he could make.

Ahh, thats really good, Dad.

In this comical video footage, a brown-furred Corgi named Buddy hangs out with his fur dad in their living room. With the way it looks, Buddys enjoying the pats and ear caresses hes receiving from Dad.

But, as the Corgis enjoying the relaxing ear massage, youll notice that hes holding onto a chunk of rope. Even as Dad tenderly flaps the pups ears towards his face, Buddy continues to cling on to the rope.

On and on, Dad repeats the same ear massage, with Buddy thoroughly enjoying the experience. Yet, Dad suddenly withdraws his hand, ultimately earning a baffled reaction from the pup.

No, dont take it!

Curious about whats happening, Buddy then lifts his head and stares at Dad. And, it looks like Dad has a naughty plan all along as he soon reaches out his left hand and tries to pull the rope from the Corgi.

Ever the attentive canine, Buddy immediately sees through Dads plan, making him jump away from the man. But, Dads relentless with his goal as he once again reaches out toward the rope.

Even as Buddy tries to escape from Dad with the rope in tow, the man grabs a large chunk of the rope. Hence, the Corgis got no choice but to engage with Dad in an impromptu tug-of-war.

Who do you think ended up as the winner of this lively game? Feel free to continue viewing the linked footage below to find out.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube

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