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Mischievous Doggo Hilariously Wears Antlers How Did Mom React To It?

Everyone knows how curious our puppy pals are. No matter where they go, dogs find something interesting to play with.

Thus, a fur mom cant hide her surprise upon seeing her beloved doggo wearing a deers antlers. Though the antlers seem to emerge right from the pups head, a closer look at the canine tells us what exactly its doing.

Oh? Joleen? Is that you?

In this amusing video clip, a cream-furred doggo named Joleen wanders into the concrete pavement of their yard. At first, it seems Joleens merely taking an afternoon stroll in their spacious garden.

Yet, as you continue watching the video clip, youll see that something sharps protruding from the canines head. Intrigued with the sight, Mom, whos holding onto the camera, zooms in on Joleen.

Soon enough, one can see whats truly happening. It turns out the pup manages to find some deer antlers in the yard, prompting her to take them along with her.

Oh, you want me to go there? Okay, here I come!

Still cant believe what Joleen did, Mom laughs at the dogs hilarious look. Even as the canines walking towards the grassy area of the yard, Mom calls out its attention to have a closer look.

At first, Joleen ignores Mom as she merely continues walking. Yet, when Mom again calls her attention, the eager pup finally takes a good look at the person calling her.

Realizing that its Mom, Joleen cant stop herself from wagging her tail happily. Thus, the pup cant resist trotting towards Mom when she once again calls her name.

Do you think the dog plans to use the antlers as a toy for her and Mom to play with? Well, you wont find out about it if you dont continue watching the video footage in the link below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube

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