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On The Way To An Emergency, Firefighter Sees Neglected Dog Tied To A Tree – He Goes Back Later To Save Her

Mike Thawley is a firefighter working for the Sacramento Fire Department. That in itself shows that the man is a hero. He risks his life and limb every time he responds to an emergency. But to one particular dog, he is the best hero in the whole wide world.

Tied to a tree

Mike and the rest of the Sacramento Fire Department Engine No. 14 crew were on their way to an emergency when he noticed a dog by the side of the road. He looked mangy and dirty, and was very emaciated. As they were on a job, he couldn’t stop and help the dog. More people were waiting for them, counting on the brave firefighters to save lives and property.

They went straight to the emergency and quickly worked to put out the fire. But all through that time, Mike couldn’t shake off the image of the poor dog in his head. The pooch was tied to a tree and he looked neglected. So when they were done, they stopped to help the dog on their way back to their station.

The men went down their truck and cut the chain tethered to her neck. The kind firefighters then brought her back with them and gave her a bath and some food. They couldn’t keep her in the station so they brought her to the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento. It’s a government-supported shelter that has close ties with the fire department.

Foster and adoption

Although he knew that the dog, now named Chunk, was in good hands, Mike couldn’t help but worry about her. She was battling a severe case of non-contagious mange and she needed all the care and love that she can get.

Mike gathered his wife and three daughters and they talked about fostering the poor pooch.Thankfully, they all agreed to help her out.

The next day, Mike and his family went to the shelter and they took Chunk home with them. They showered her with love and attention and made sure that she would regularly get her treatments and medication. This helped Chunk recover faster.

When the treatment was done, they decided that its better to officially adopt Chunk. They have grown to love her and couldn’t imagine having someone else take her home.

Source: You Should Know Via Youtube

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