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Actress Meets A Stray Dog On Set And Asks For Help In Locating Him

Sharon Cuneta, a well-known actress, and singer from Manila came to Subic, Olongapo, to make a film. A stray dog walked into the scene as everyone was busy prepping. Everyone saw him, but the actress took a particular interest in him.

She was aware that he was ill and felt compelled to take him to the veterinarian. However, because of prior commitments, she was unable to get the dog examined. So she went on her way, but she couldn’t stop thinking about the dog.

The actress thought the puppy was adorable. Despite his deteriorating condition, she admired him. She even considered adopting him right then and there. She knew she was smitten from the outset.

Sharon was still concerned about the dog’s welfare after a few days had gone. Nevertheless, she was determined to track him down. So she begged others to help her find the dog on her Instagram account, which has around 1.5 million followers.

Suzy De Los Santos, a Sharon admirer, spotted the celebrity’s message. She instantly contacted Jervy Castillo, a woman who operates a shelter in the province mentioned above, and asked if she could assist. She promised to help right away, without reservation.

Jervy traveled to the resort where the dog, now known as Pawi, had been last seen. She noticed him right away when she arrived. And, like the actress, she knew right away that he was a lovely and friendly dog since he went up to her and asked for pets.

Jervy brought Pawi to the veterinarian for medical attention. Meanwhile, Suzy contacted Sharon to inform her that the puppy was now safe.

Pawi will remain at The Homeless Dog Shelter with Jervy until his therapy is completed. His new mother couldn’t wait for him to return home, but she understood it’s better if he remained till he had his medical clearance. Meanwhile, Sharon is thankful for Jervy’s efforts and has chosen to assist by giving food and materials to her shelter.

Credits and pictures to Sharon Cuneta Network

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