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A kind Restaurant Owner Prepares A Free Meal For Any Stray Dog Who Comes In

An unexpected visitor dropped by Gerardo Ortiz’s Peruvian restaurant, Ajilalo, one evening five years ago. It was a stray dog with a hungry expression on her face.

Ortiz might easily have turned the dog away. He, on the other hand, did not.

From then on, the hungry dog arrived every evening and received a free dinner.

Ortiz’s generosity and goodwill did not go unnoticed for long throughout the local stray pup population.

Other dogs began to arrive with that initial guest, and Ortiz greeted them all with a meal.

Every night, a large number of stray dogs arrive at Ortiz’s eatery. Many are frequent “customers,” while others are first-timers, all expecting to fill their tummies due to Ortiz’s generosity.

While Ortiz is working, he’ll often look up and see a new dog’s face at the front, calmly waiting to see if the story about free food is authentic.

Ortiz considers the dogs as their most pleasing clients.

And his human consumers are unlikely to be offended. On the contrary, they frequently provide food for the visiting dogs, inspired by Ortiz.

Finally, Ortiz’s wonderful ritual of feeding all the stray dogs who arrive accomplishes more than keep them fed. It shows them that their lives are essential, something Ortiz is delighted to demonstrate to them every day.

Ortiz says, Although The dogs don’t pay them in money, they pay them with happiness and wagging tails. “They are really thankful, and He prefers to give rather than receive. He says he got inspired by his mother since she instilled in him the importance of helping humans and animals.



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