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A Woman Saves a Stray Dog Who Was Stranded On An Uninhabited Island.

Many stray dogs find themselves in precarious situations that endanger their lives. Yet, despite their hardiness, dogs are domesticated and reliant on humans to survive in the wild. Rescue organizations for abused and neglected animals are therefore essential in today’s society. These organizations are made up of people who are passionate about helping animals in need.

Chris and Claudia from Louisiana happened to see a dog wandering an island across a river from their vacation home. Chris and Claudia were surprised to find a dog on that island because no one lived there. Chris and Claudia attempted to save the dog, but it was too fearful and avoided human contact.

Concerned about the dog’s well-being, Chris and Claudia decided to post a photo of the dog on social media and ask for help. Fortunately, a woman named Aja-Nikoya Estro answered the phone. Aja is also the founder of Compassion Kind, an animal rescue organization, and she has prior experience performing dog rescues. After seeing the post, Aja contacted the couple to learn more about the location, and she also organized a rescue team.

Aja and her team named the dog Marsha and were willing to go to any length to help save the stranded dog. Aja’s group prepared food for Marsha and even set traps around the island. But, on the other hand, Marsha proved to be quite astute and did not fall into the traps.

When the traps failed to capture Marsha, Aja devised another method. Aja told her team to stay on the boat while she went to the island by herself. Marsha must be scared of the island’s overcrowding, Aja reasoned. As a result, Aja decided to go to the island and instructed her team to remain on the boat. When Aja found Marsha, she sat on the ground with food in her hand and beckoned her to come with her.

Despite her fear, Marsha went up to Aja and ate something off her hand before walking away. As soon as Aja felt comfortable enough with Marsha, he took her hand and led her back to the boat. Marsha maintained a calm demeanor the entire time they were on the ship as if she knew they were going to be saved.

Marsha was assessed and treated after being returned to the animal shelter. Marsha was a healthy dog despite being a little underweight. Unfortunately, Marsha lacked a microchip, and no one claimed her. Marsha was eventually fostered, and she is now looking for her forever family. Here’s a video of Marsha being rescued.

Video Source and pictures The Dodo via YouTube

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