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A Woman In South Carolina Discovers An Abandoned Dog Tied To A Pole, With A Note Beside It Stating That The Dog’s Owner Was Imprisoned.

Blanca Anahi Cushman is a South Carolina resident whose Facebook post about an abandoned dog went viral. Leaving a fitness club in West Columbia, her cousin discovered the small black dog. The cousin noticed the dog tied to a pole when he walked through the parking lot.

There were two small empty bowls beside the dog, a duffel bag with his meager belongings, and a square piece of cardboard. According to a note on the cardboard, the pup’s name is Scooter, and he’s being given away for free. His owner was incarcerated on that day, according to the last sentence.

Puppy Free And looking for a new home.

Blanca’s cousin, also her roommate, couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the poor dog behind, so she set him free and brought them to their home. They contacted the internet for assistance because they could not adopt or foster the dog. Instead, they shared the puppy’s photo on various animal rescue websites.

The post was widely shared and caught the attention of several animal rescue organizations. The South Eastern Homeless Animals is one of them. Paula Langford, the nonprofit group’s founder, contacted Blanca, and they agreed that the abandoned pooch would be turned over to the rescue group.


Paula and her team attempted to track down the dog’s previous owner. However, there needed to be more information available to them. They’re curious to know if what the note said was true. Nonetheless, they have agreed to assist the dog in finding a good home.

Scooter stayed for a few weeks at the rescue group’s facility. He was in good spirits. He cooperated well with his rescuers and demonstrated to be an excellent pet. Finally, he was adopted by a lovely family. Thank you to all the people who helped Scooter have a new home.

Source: Blanca Anahi Cushman via?Facebook

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