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A Touching Video of a German Shepherd’s Special Bondwith a Cute Toddler.

Do you think toddlers and dogs make the best of pals? Yes, they do. It’s most likely because dogs understand the importance of being gentle with babies and toddlers. On the other hand, Toddlers appear to be drawn to dogs because they are so sweet.

Their common thread is that they are both extremely curious, playful, and loving towards one another just like this adorable couple in the video.

Meet Loki, Ryan Symes’ German Shepherd, and Tallulah, her daughter. They’re inseparable best friends.

Ryan says Loki has been a part of their family for three years and has been instrumental in raising Tallulah and keeping her happy. He also mentions Loki, despite his age, still has a puppy heart!

Loki had always been quite irresponsible before Tallulah was born. According to Ryan, the dog would jump on tables, chew on any paper he could find, and generally do everything he wasn’t supposed to do. He was undoubtedly naughty!

But when Tallulah entered their lives and changed everything, Loki turned over a new leaf. He is now more cautious about what he does to avoid injuring the young girl. The little girl was never afraid of Loki because of Loki’s guidance.

Loki lavishes Tallulah with sloppy kisses and hugs, which she adores. He would also frequently play with the young girl and her toys. Tallulah’s whereabouts are always known to him. Loki always pay attention to the little girl when she wandered around a room.

Loki is Tallulah’s wonderful older brother. It’s so sweet to see this adorable couple together, and it’s clear that they have an unbreakable bond.

Source:The Dodovia Youtube

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