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A Concerned Rescuer Travels Three Miles To Save An Abandoned Dog And Her Puppies.

Eldad Hagar is a well-known dog rescuer known for his rescue videos. Hope for Paws, his YouTube channel, has over five million subscribers who follow his activities.

In one of these missions, the experienced rescuer drove three hours to save a sweet dog who had just given birth.

Owners abandoned

According to the people called Eldad, the dog was pregnant when her owners abandoned her in a nearby desert. Fortunately for her, the dog eventually wandered into a plant nursery, where the owners were kind-hearted people. They let her stay in the room until she gave birth. They also fed and looked after her litter.

On the other hand, the plant nursery was unsuitable for a dog family. Eldad was called several days after the pregnant dog gave birth to six puppies. And, despite the location being a bit out of the way from Los Angeles, the generous rescuer made the trip. The cutest dog greeted Eldad he’d ever seen when he arrived.

Eldad was led into the nursery, where he discovered the pups scattered among the plants. He whistled to get the mama dog’s attention, and she immediately approached him. She was extremely friendly, lying on the ground and exposing her stomach. It was as if she knew the rescuer was there to provide a good life for her puppies.

The long journey that lies ahead

It was time for them to leave after the dog mom had fed her puppies. Eldad had a long journey back home and wanted to have the dogs examined by a veterinarian. Moon, the adult dog, had an infected eye caused by her eyelids moving inwards.

The entire family is now living with a foster care provider, and they are all safe and happy. Moon will be having surgery soon. Then, when all puppies have reached the age of eight weeks, they will begin placing them in their forever homes.

Source and Picture: Hope for Paws via Youtube

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