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This Dog, Rescued Near The Mountains, Was Thought To Have Died Two Years Ago.

When JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo of the charitable organization Hope For Paws received a call about a starving dog needing assistance, they immediately went out. They rushed to the location and arrived at a gated community near the mountains. They suspected that the poor dog had been abandoned near the hiking trail and had made its way to the neighborhood searching for food.
Too many people tried and failed to save the dog. It just bolted all the time, no matter what they tried. Even animal control officers took a chance, but they, like others, were unsuccessful.
The dog was wary of people but was hungry, so she summoned the courage to approach the rescuers and ask for a bite of the cheeseburger. She didn’t mind that people surrounded her. All she cared about was the delicious treat in front of her.
Lisa crept behind JoAnn’s dog and waited for the perfect moment. When she realized it was her chance to catch it, she maneuvered the gentle snare and looped it around the puppy’s neck. They’d gotten the dog in no time.
The neighbor who contacted the rescuers was delighted to see the dog was safe. She thanked them, but they were even more grateful she had called for help.
The rescuers scanned the dog they named Edna at the vet’s office and were surprised to find out she had a microchip. When they called the registered number, the lady who answered the phone said her dog had died two years ago. They assured her that wasn’t the case, but she couldn’t believe it.
The woman rehomed Edna to a new family, and her new owners claimed she ran away and was hit by a car. They also claimed she didn’t make it. But, in the end, the lady said she no longer wanted the dog and asked the rescuers to find her a good home instead.
Edna’s condition significantly improved within a few weeks. She gained weight and became healthier. But, above all, she found a new home, and this time, she was confident it was for good.

Credits to?Hope For Paws

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